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Rexjadis Head In A Paper-Gift For Rexjadis :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 1 3 The First King Of The Pridelands Page 12 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 2 0 The Outlands Victory Page 6 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 4 0
What If Jose Was In Sonic The Hedgehog Chapter 3
Jose and Sonic rest for the long adventures and they had startled for the next Act 2.
Spring Yard Zone Act 2
Sonic: Look there are 3 tramps.
Jose: Oh hell no.
Sonic: Okay team time.
Jose and Sonic pass the badniks and they are destroyed, later they jump in the zones and later jump for the thorns.
Sonic: Well and now for the final act for the zone.
Jose: Okie dokie.
Spring Yard Zone Act 3 Boss
Robotnik: I going to kill you sonic but down in the zones.
Sonic: OH NO.
Jose: We need to destroy it.
Sonic: This isn´t working.
Jose: C´mon we need 2 hits for the egg patetic.
Robotnik: EGG MOBILE.
Sonic: Shut up and go now coward.
Robotnik: I get you next time.
Jose: He getting away we need to pass the next zone and fast.
Labyrinth Zone Act 1
Jose: What the matter.
Sonic: I hate the water.
Jose: Sonic it not bad for all c´´mon before, look out.
Splats: Hahahaha the water is your debilitie Sonic c´mon guys.
Pocky: Not this time.
:icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 1 3
What If Jose Was In Sonic The Hedgehog Chapter 2
Sonic and Jose finally arrived in the marble Zone.
Marble Zone Act 1
Jose: FIRE.
Sonic: Jump and you will see, how i doing this.
Jose: That was easy.
Sonic: But now the normal.
Jose: Another but a fire ball.
Sonic: Do it again.
Jose: That was easy again.
Sonic: And now the difficult.
Jose: I can to this now but a fire ball in the other zone.
Sonic: You can do this Jose.
Jose: We did it.
Marble Zone Act 2
Newtron: I going to rape you.
Jose: NO.
Grounder: You will be a taste material hedgehog.
Sonic: And you are in the fire.
bat brain: Oh no.
Sonic: You are death.
Marble Zone Act 3 Boss.
Robotnik: This time you will be hot dog hedgehog.
Jose: Jump now.
Robotnik: Aaaak.
Sonic: Jump again.
Robotnik: Grrrrr.
Jose: Ey your getting away your stupid doc.
Robotnik: next time you will be sorrounded in the casino.
Jose: What Casino.
Sonic: To the Spring Yard Zone.
Spring Yard Zone Act 1
Motobug: We are die now.
Grounder: Let see about the rollers.
:icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 1 0
Gogo (My OC) :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 5 39 Contest Entry Simba Meets Aneli :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 3 8 Raul As A Lion :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 4 3 Jose And Uru-Gift For 99balto12 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 7 8
What If Jose Was In Sonic The Hedgehog Chapter 1
One day Jose was playing the console of Nintendo DS and play with the game of Sonic The Hedgehog Collection Classic.
Jose: Oh boy this time i will try to play the new game of Sonic.
Jose play the game and his select Sonic The Hedgehog. But something happen the Nintendo Ds teleported Jose.
Jose: Woah this awesome.
Jose Comes to the game Sonic The Hedgehog.
Jose: Where I am.
Sonic: Hello there Human my name is Sonic The Hedgehog.
Jose: Sonic It really you, I am your Fan.
Sonic: Really if you don´t mind can you will be accompany with me.
Jose: Sure I know All the Zones and the boss.
Sonic: Really who is the boss.
Jose: Dr Robotnik.
Sonic: Sounds Familiar with that name.
Jose: Well It time for adventure.
Green Hill Zone Act 1
Jose: Rings i don´t know if can collect all the rings to used it.
Sonic: We need 50 rings to activate a portal.
Jose: Who do you know that because it was a legend.
Sonic: Yes and we your help i collect 30 and 20 okey.
Jose: Okey.
After the collecting of Ring
:icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 0 12
Contest Entry-Kovu Reigh Chapter 1 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 5 6 The Outlands Victory Page 5 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 5 10
The First King Of The Pridelands Chapter 5
The pride of Mautsa has arrived to the pridelands and 4 lions male are going to kill the small pride they could kill them.
Mautsa: You had a work to complete is the Plan A.
Lion: Sir what is we falled :devilish:
Mautsa: Well tomorrow will attack them like idiots ahahahahaahahahah.
Lion: Okay my king.
The pride stay in the Outlands.
Zoria: Came my childrens and Walia.
Walia: Yes step-mother.
Zoria: Your are a teen and you had to obey your father.
Walia: Oh right ( I wish mother would give me a signal to defend father and my evil step-mother.)
In the pridelands
Maua: Sebastian.
Sebastian: Yes my sister Maua.
Maua: It about mom promises you remember.
Sebastian: Yes i remember :( :cries:
3 months before.
Ema: Kids are you here.
Maua: Mom
Ema: i need to tell you something
Maua: Tell it mom tell it mom.
Sebastian: Please mother what wrong.
Ema: Search your father and tell him that i died and he will help you to defend the evil lion king.
Maua: Father,but mom Kewa was like a father to us.
:icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 1 3
He So Handsome-Gift For 99balto12 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 6 16 The Outlands Victory Page 4 :icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 3 21
Koopalings The Story Chapter 2
Time passed Bowser never captured the princess after his childrens are born and the koopas are kids now and Bowser need a heir if he will death soon but their are not perfectly for throne and they have not similarities of Him like Capturing the princess or the world.
Bowser: If only i had a solution.
Wendy: Dad can i play with you.
Bowser: ..................
Wendy: Bad mood right.
Wendy didn´t want to play with their brothers.
Iggy: Wendy i want to be magician of plants.
Wendy: That great but only Kamek can do that and we are kiddos.
Iggy: Wendy what wrong.
Wendy: King bad mood.
Iggy: Father loves us and he had a special for us.
Wendy: Ludwing van he wants to be the leader but Dad said No.
Iggy: What happened.
5 days before.
Ludwing Van: Can i will be the heir of you.
Bowser: No Ludwing.
Ludwing Van: But why.
Bowser: Yes i want a son to be my heir like capturing like i want and other things.
Ludwing Van: But my brothers and I.
:icontheamazingart344:theamazingart344 0 0
What will come next? :)


SPM Comic pg 40 :iconmariogamesandenemies:mariogamesandenemies 5 1 SPM Comic pg 39 :iconmariogamesandenemies:mariogamesandenemies 4 0 SPM Comic pg 38 :iconmariogamesandenemies:mariogamesandenemies 5 0 SPM Comic pg 37 :iconmariogamesandenemies:mariogamesandenemies 5 0 SPM Comic pg 36 :iconmariogamesandenemies:mariogamesandenemies 7 1 The Boys :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 11 4 Kiara's Kids :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 13 2 When We Were Young :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 9 4 Lion Guard :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 6 5 Let go Hofu! :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 10 4 Family :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 9 2 Whose Blood Is That? :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 10 21 Incest is Wincest :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 8 4 Babysitter :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 7 1 Diku is over protective of her sons :icon99balto12:99balto12 5 7 Kifa Reference Sheet :iconlolpeaceoutlol-tlk:lolpeaceoutlol-TLK 9 0




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Rexjadis Head In A Paper-Gift For Rexjadis
My First submission in a paper.

This is a gift for Rexjadis

Rexjadis Belongs to

Picture (c) Me

Please, do not use/copy this art!
The First King Of The Pridelands Page 12
Sorry for not submit the others pages because i was busy No, I disagree! .

Next Page:
Previous Page:

All Belongs to Me

Please, do not use/copy this art!
17 deviations
Well I will like a Account for Disney in Deviantart and i like it. But i will not inactive the account original.

For Example i will do fan art like:

- The Lion King
- Lilo And Stitch
- Aladdin
- Pinocho
- And More

Will be Comissions,Gifts and adoptables.

I will Create the Account for a moment,hours or days.

See ya .Bendy Icon. :D (Big Grin) .


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